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Census Matters For Eastern Kentucky

Money for roads, charity organizations, schools and many other aspects of the city and county could be affected by the 2020 U.S. Census. It’sthe message of Dustin Isaacs with the state’s Constituent Services. Isaacs spoke to members of the Laurel County Fiscal Court during the recent regular monthly meeting to encourage participation in the 2020 Census. “Every person missed in the Census count is $2,000 less for the community,” Isaacs told magistrates. “Simplified, that means money from the federal government for transportation, schools and other programs.” He says “If you maximize the population, you can maximize the benefits you get.”

Balls Of All Sorts Given To Kids Of Certain Sorts

More than 400 basketballs, soccer balls, volleyballs, footballs and balls of all types have been donated to Operation UNITE (Unlawful Narcotics Investigations, Treatment and Education) for distribution throughout southern and eastern Kentucky.The sports balls were donated by the American Heart Association in a special media event held recently on the campus of the University of the Cumberlands during the 12th annual Camp UNITE – a week-long leadership/adventure program for middle school-aged youth.

Click It Or Ticket Campaign In Kentucky

New studies show impaired driving deaths are steadily increasing and sometimes the difference between life and death is as simple as the click of a seat belt.Local police officers are getting ready for the Labor Day law enforcement period, attempting to save more lives.They say they are out there and they are watching, hoping folks make smart decisions on the road.”Sometimes it just takes a ticket to remind somebody,” Deputy Alisha Cngleton said. “And it’s sad to see some of the things that happen or to see a collision happen and you think ‘Well, maybe if they had been wearing their seatbelt they would still be here.'”The “Click It or Ticket” campaign kicks off August 17 and ends on September 3.

Jackson County Inmate Arrested In Jailer’s Back-Yard

An escaped Jackson County inmate trying to walk to his home in Bell County, found himself in the wrong yard this week.Jackson County Jailer, Brian Gabbard says, Daryl Wayne Evans, escaped from the Jackson County Detention Center on Tuesday.Gabbard says he was returning home later that night when he saw someone in his front yard.That someone turned out to be Evans who says he had been walking for miles trying to get to his home when he decided to cut through a neighborhood.Evans was arrested and taken back to the Jackson County Detention Center.

Getting Vaccinated For Hepatitis A

In the midst of the largest hepatitis A outbreak in Kentucky’s history, health officials are urging anyone who lives in a county where cases have been confirmed to get vaccinated.The Louisville Metro Department of Public Health and Wellness, the Centers for Disease Control and the Kentucky Department for Public Health made the recommendation in a statement this week that includes updates about the outbreak.Officials say Kentucky has the largest hepatitis A outbreak in the nation with 1,094 cases spread over 65 of the state’s 120 counties. Eight deaths have been reported.Officials say the virus remains centered primarily among those who use illegal drugs and the homeless.

For Shriners Kids Burn Camp

The Brother’s Keepers Paintsville Chapter 28 is a motorcycle club whose members are made up of firefighters who say their work is not finished once the flames are drenched. That work continues next weekend as the group is holding a “Burn Run” fundraising event where all proceeds will go to the Shriners Childrens Burn Camp where the children can benefit from being around others who can relate with their experience. Brother’s Keepers President, Brian Moore says seeing the kids enjoy themselves is something special.

New Immunization Requirements In Kentucky

As students get ready to go back to school, a new Kentucky immunization law takes effect this school year.The new law requires all students to have a hepatitis A vaccine and students 16 and older must get a meningitis booster.School officials say it’s important to start preparing now because the hepatitis A vaccine is given in two doses that are six months apart. Obviously you don’t have time now to get those two doses before school, but it’s really important to go ahead and get the series started says Jill Keys, a nurse at the Fayette County Health Department.

Free Backpacks For School Kids In Prestonburg

For the fourth straight year, the city of Prestonsburg is preparing for their backpack giveaway where eight hundred backpacks will be filled with items such as pens, pencila, notebooks and crayons. “We want to make sure that kids in our area in our area have the best opportunity possible to get ahead and to excel in school,” said Prestonsburg Treasurer Michael Ellis.Ellis says children will get more than their school supplies at the event. There will also be free food and superheroes will stop by and say hi. The giveaway begins at seven o’clock this Saturday at Stonecrest in Prestonsburg.

Water And Sewer Rates May Rise In Eastern Kentucky

Recently, Southern Water and Sewage company applied to the Public Service Commission for a water rate increase to help keep the company running.”It’s going to make it harder for everyone around here,” says concerned citizen Ryan Stephens.”There are a lot of people in this county that live on a fixed income and when they want to push up the price like this, it’s going to affect them,”If approved, for the first 2,000 gallons you use, your bill will increase by 41%. For every 2,000 gallons after that, there will be a 19% increase.

Eastern Kentucky Multi-Day Job Fair

Teleworks USA is partnering with KellyConnect to host a multi-day job fair across Eastern Kentucky this week.KellyConnect is looking to hire people to work from home providing tech support for mobile devices.The fair stars Monday at the Annville Teleworks Hub and will continue Tuesday at the Hazard Teleworks Hub (within the Kentucky Career Center JobSight), Wednesday at the Pike County Teleworks Hub, and Thursday at the Lawrence County Teleworks Hub (within the Lawrence County Community Center).The locations will be open each day from 9-4 pm