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KFC And Cheetos Are Introducing A New Sandwich

KFC and Cheetos have partnered up to launch a new “Cheetos Sandwich” in select locations. The new sandwich will be tested at limited locations in North Carolina, Virginia and Georgia. “Both KFC and Cheetos have dedicated fan bases loyal to each new creation,” a spokesperson for KFC said. “It only made sense to merge these two iconic brands together to provide an irresistible and flavorful sandwich that gives the best of both worlds.” The sandwich will have an Extra Crispy Chicken Filet with mayo and Cheetos on a toasted bun.

Safe Patrol On The Road For You

A statewide agency called Safe Patrol is making sure all drivers are able to stay safe on the roadways, especially during freezing and severe weather in Laurel County. The agency began back in 2007 and drives along interstates, highways, and parkways looking for drivers who have broken down on the side of the road. They run year round, but in harsh weather conditions, they put in overtime.

Motocross Weekend

The arena floor inside the East Kentucky Expo Center is now a layer of dirt. This weekend the center will host a Tri-state Motocross event. Recently trucks were brought in and dropped off the dirt to fill the entire floor. Marketing Director Josh Kesler says with all the tricks the event has to offer, he is excited to see the kids enjoy the show. “I’m going to be honest with you, people love dirt. When you have dirt shows, that makes it that much more fun. There’s nothing like a dirt show,” said Kesler. The show starts Friday and Saturday at 7:00 P.M. Doors open at 5:00 P.M.

East Bernstadt Helping You Stay Warm

Volunteers at The Creek Church and the East Bernstadt Fire Department say they fear many in their region may not have proper heat in their homes so the buildings are open as warming centers.”There [are] lots of people who don’t have warm coats [but] don’t have warm homes,” says Ryan Hartzell, the youth/adult ministry pastor. “Lots of people can’t keep the heat on and maybe don’t have the food in the pantry for the kids staying home today,” Hartzell said. He adds “Don’t be embarrassed. Go to the local shelters, wherever the warming stations are. We’re here. We don’t mind. We will make you as comfortable as possible just like any place else out there.”

Pike County Teen Wins Miss KY Teen USA

A Pike County native has won big in a state-wide competition. Pikeville High School Junior Emma Johns won Miss Kentucky Teen USA 2019. She says “I kept a positive mindset and I prayed a lot,” recalled Johns. “Everyone asked me if I am religious because before I went on, every single time I would pray ‘Dear Lord, please don’t let me fall. Please let me do good. Just keep with me through this whole thing.’ I prayed like 30 times each night,” added Johns. She says the pageant process helped her self-confidence and she recommends the experience to any young girl like her.

Car Thieves Active In Cold Weather

With the temperature dropping, it’s no surprise that people are warming up their cars before getting inside. But some cars have been stolen while that’s happening. It has been going on in Martin County, and that’s why Sheriff John Kirk is warning drivers to keep their cars locked. Kirk says the number of car thefts goes up each year when the temperature drops, as people leave their keys in the ignition while warming up their vehicle.

Churches In Eastern KY Provide Warmth

Churchs across Eastern Kentucky are opening up warming centers due to the cold temperatures expected.The First Christian Church in Paintsville will open a warming center Wednesday night from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m.The Creek Church in London is now open.Prestonsburg Church of God will have a warming center open from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. They also say people need to be checked in by 10 p.m.In Laurel County, the London Fire Department and East Bernstadt Fire Department will open warming centers through Thursday until 10 a.m.

Frigid Forecast Across KY

Forecasters are issuing warnings about the incredibly cold weather in the region saying if you have to be out today, dress in layers. Cover any exposed skin the best you can. Try not to stay outside for too long, especially after dark as temperatures drop even further.We’ll see some snow showers early in the day, that will give way to some sunshine and clouds later. Buut, they say don’t expect the sun to do anything to the temps. Remember, any snow that falls will stick, even if it’s not a lot, just because the ground is so cold. Be careful traveling today and tonight.

Filming Netflix Movie In Eastern KY

A best selling book set in the mountains of Eastern Kentucky will soon be on a small screen near you.Netflix had the winning bid on turning J.D. Vance’s story “Hillbilly Elegy” into a movie.Our news partners at the Lexington Herald-Leader report Ron Howard, known for his role on the Andy Griffith Show and for directing hit films like “A Beautiful Mind”, “The Da Vinci Code” and “Apollo 13” will be one of the producers for the production.The book is based on Vance’s personal story about being from Breathitt County before moving to Ohio with his family to find work.Deadline Hollywood reports the movie is expected to be shot later in 2019. The cast is not set yet.

U.S. Senator Rand Paul Civil Trial Begins

U.S. Sen. Rand Paul says he feared for his life after being hit by a blindside tackle from a neighbor, who broke several of his ribs while he was doing yard work at his Kentucky home.The Republican senator was the first witness Monday at the trial for the civil lawsuit he brought against his attacker, Rene Boucher.Paul said Boucher hit him with such force that both flew through the air 5 or 10 feet. The senator says he had so much trouble breathing after the 2017 attack that he feared “this may be the last breath I ever take.”Paul is suing Boucher for medical bills and pain and suffering. He also is seeking punitive damages.