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Roads Washed Out Across Eastern Kentucky Due to Flooding

Multiple roads throughout eastern Kentucky are either closed or are down to one lane thanks to flooded out roads, landslides, and sinkholes.

In Perry County, what appeared to just be normal cracks in roadways spread and caused parts of a number of roads to wash away altogether.

Among those roads that are currently closed -and will be until further notice- is Kentucky 267 in Perry County near Krypton.

Due to the flooding, Senator Rand Paul sent a letter to Donald Trump on Thursday urging him to consider any request for aid from Gov. Matt Bevin due to recent flooding.

The flooding and its subsequent damage led Bevin to declare a state of emergency earlier this week. That state of emergency allowed state crews to mobilize in recovery and response efforts.

Students Speak Up About Vaping

A push to ban e-cigarettes and other vaping products for people under 21 has been resurrected in Kentucky after some heartfelt testimony from a group of middle school students.The Johnson County students attended the Senate Health and Welfare Committee on Wednesday.They testified about Senate Bill 218, which would set up an anonymous hotline for students to report other students using e-cigarettes or other vaping products in schools.

New KY Id’s Nearly Ready

The new Kentucky IDs that comply with federal guidelines will soon be available, and county clerks are preparing for the new system. Kentucky hopes to have all counties switched over by the end of May.”You won’t be able to travel through TSA or enter any federal facilities without the new IDs,” said Madison County Circuit Court Clerk David Fernandez. The new licenses will be mailed out from a central location, instead of being created in each county. After people get their picture taken, they will get a temporary license to use until their new one arrives in the mail. After October 2020, the old IDs will not work with the TSA.

Road Break In Letcher County

There is a road break in Letcher County that if it gives away could strand an entire community. There is a crack that takes up a portion of Highway 803 in the Millstone community. The crack developed two weeks ago and people who drive over and around it every day say it’s getting worse. The crack is in a curve and people say it can sneak up on drivers. The state says the crack will have to be drilled to stabilize the falling earth and it’s not a quick fix.

Gas Rate Increases On Hold In Eastern KY

The Public Service Commission is putting on hold discussion of two potential Eastern Kentucky gas rate increases. On Dec. 28, 2018, both Johnson County Gas Company and B&H Gas Company in Floyd County asked for base rate increases. B&H Gas wanted to raise the average monthly bill, not including the cost of the gas itself, from $9.74 to $88.44. Johnson County Gas wanted to raise the average monthly bill from $49.40 to $86.16. Both companies said they wanted to increase the rates to repay debts. Johnson County Gas owes $148,230.54 and B&H Gas owes $1,775,823.53. The PSC says it’s investigating the unauthorized debt issued by Johnson County Gas Company and B&H Gas Company.

KY Civil War Sites Becoming National Monuments

Camp Nelson and the Mill Springs Battlefield await only President Donald Trump’s signature to attain new designations as National Monuments.The office of U.S. Sen. Mitch McConnell noted that U.S. House passed on Tuesday night the Natural Resource Management Act, which contains the new monument designation for the Kentucky Civil War sites.

Eliminating The Emerald Ash Borer

Crews will cut hundreds of dead ash trees at Kentucky’s Lake Cumberland State Resort Park to prevent them from falling and posing a safety hazard.The state Tourism, Arts and Heritage Cabinet says the trees were affected by the Emerald Ash Borer, which first arrived in the U.S. in 2002 and in Kentucky in 2009.The agency says workers will be cutting trees near roadways, buildings and other public areas through the year.The cabinet said the Emerald Ash Borer has been found in about 89 Kentucky counties. The insect lives under the bark of ash trees and eventually leads to the tree’s death.

Women’s Networking Symposium In KY

The 20th Annual Big Sandy Women’s Business Symposium welcomed many from across the region to Paintsville with the theme “She Leads”. Multiple local businesses set up booths at the event, which helps emphasize the importance of women in business. Keynote speaker Kelly Swanson says this is a great networking tool and can give women an extra boost to see their full potential. “It gives women a chance to get together to laugh and to be inspired, motivated and to actually see the opportunities that they have to lead where they might not otherwise be looking for them,” explains Swanson.

Price Gouging Hotline Open In KY

Attorney General Andy Beshear opened Kentucky’s price gouging hotline this week.The move follows mass flooding across southern and eastern Kentucky, along with Governor Matt Bevin’s statewide emergency declaration.Kentucky state law says retailers and private citizens may not sell certain essential goods and services for more than ten percent above the normal price for fifteen days following a state of emergency.This includes food, fuel, housing and medical supplies.If you suspect price gouging in your area, you can call (888) 432-9257 or email

American Red Cross Providing Flood Relief

Relief has arrived for thousands of eastern Kentuckians impacted by weekend flooding across the area. The American Red Cross arrived to several eastern Kentucky counties with cleaning kits and assessment crews – working to figure out how to give funding to flood victims. Witnesses say the water from a nearby creek rose to nearly 3 feet covering the entire area in an hour-time span. Homes and businesses were flooded with water, and property was sent downstream – some still looking for their belongings.