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911 Service Heading To Logan County

The Logan County Emergency Center Director, Ted Sparks, says within the next month they will start to test out a program that will allow people to send a text when they need help.”With a text message you can have one bar and still get a message out ten times quicker then you can on a regular phone call,” said Logan County Resident, Steven Temple.The system would also be beneficial to people who are non-verbal. It would easily allow them to get help when they need it.Sparks says the program would not cost taxpayers any more money and is something that is needed.

School Bus Crash In Prestonsburg

This morning Prestonsburg Police responded to a crash involving a school bus. Police say it happened on Highway 114 around 7:45 a.m when a vehicle stopped in front of the bus and the bus hit it, causing the first vehicle to hit a third vehicle.There were seven students on the bus at the time. Five students were from Prestonsburg High School and two were from Adams Middle School. The bus driver had already dropped off the majority of the students on the bus, which were elementary school students.The bus driver was not hurt. All seven students still on the bus were taken to a local hospital for precautionary measures.

KY’s AG Files Education Lawsuit

Kentucky’s attorney general has filed a lawsuit, seeking to block subpoenas issued by Gov. Matt Bevin’s administration as part of an investigation of teachers who might have used sick days that shut down schools earlier this year to stage protests. The protests were part of a wave of teacher activism that began last year in West Virginia.

Regulating Tattoos In KY

The Department of Public Health is proposing new regulations this month regarding tattoos. A lot of those proposed regulations focus on keeping Kentucky’s tattoo shops clean, but one of the regulations has some shop workers unhappy.”This is the only way for these people to move forward with their lives,” said Draven Gayheart with Lost Gypsy Tattoo. “Camouflage that constant reminder of what they’ve gone through.”What Gayheart is referring to is the process of covering up scars with tattoos. In the newly proposed regulations, getting scars covered is not allowed.

Hazard Area Civic Choir Performs

Monday evening, the Hazard Area Civic Choir performed a musical tribute to the mountains that make up Eastern Kentucky.This performance was held at the Bowman Memorial United Methodist Church in Hazard.

Clay County Wreck Sends Three Kids To Hospital

Three children are in the hospital after a two-vehicle crash in Clay County Monday morning.The crash happened around 7:15 a.m. on US 421 South in front of a Dairy Queen. Several emergency crews responded to the scene.When crews arrived they found five people injured. Four of them were juveniles, and three of those juveniles were small children.Officials said the three small children were airlifted to the UK Hospital with severe, but not life-threatening injuries. We are told they were flown out as a precaution and received treatment for broken bones and stitches.Deputies say the crash happened when one car went to turn near Dairy Queen, hitting the other.

Honoring A War Hero

The Rolling Thunder honored the life of an Owensboro man who went missing in action nearly five decades ago. The group advocates for those who were prisoners of war or who went MIA. The wreath ceremony was held over the weekend to remember the life of Colonel Charles Shelton.

E. Coli Prevention Tips

In the wake of the recent E. Coli scare in KY, the CDC has released guidelines for handling ground beef in order to slow the rate of infections. The center advises you to keep raw meat separate from foods that won’t be cooked before eating, wash your hands throughly with soap and water after touching raw meat and throughly wash countertops and other food preparation surfaces with soapy water or a bleach solution after preparing raw meat. Frozen or raw ground beef should be refrigerated in a plastic bag, on the lowest shelf within two hours of purchase. Once refrigerated, raw ground beef should be used within two days.

Some Tennessee Titans Visit Ft. Campbell

Members of the Tennessee Titans are set to visit Fort Campbell. Titans linebacker Rashaan Evans and wide receiver Adam Humphries are scheduled to visit service members and their families Monday at the Fort Campbell Exchange. Also set to join them are Titans cheerleaders, the Titans’ mascot and members of the team staff. It’s the first stop on the Titans’ 2019 team caravan, which also is scheduled to head to Clarksville, Tennessee.

Educational Progress Report For KY Is Good

A postsecondary education council says Kentucky is on track to reach its educational attainment goal of 60% of the working-age population having a certificate or degree by 2030.The update came as Kentucky’s Council on Postsecondary Education released an annual progress report on educational achievement rates.It says the total number of undergraduate degrees and credentials conferred increased 2.9% in 2017-18 over the prior year. That beats the 1.7% average annual increase needed to stay on track toward the long-range goal.