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I-75 Shooter Indicted Again

A Texas man who has been accused of shooting at vehicles on I-75 in Laurel County almost a year ago has been, once again, indicted by a grand jury, according to the Times Tribune.The 70-plus mile chase started with several calls from I-75 near Corbin, Kentucky.Police said three cars in all were shot as Stephen Williams headed for the Tennessee border.Another 25 miles later, police said Wililams crashed into a car in Campbell County, Tennessee.According to the Times Tribune, Williams has been indicted for attempted murder.He was also indicted previously in Whitley County, too.

Famous KY Barn Burns Killing Animals

An overnight fire in a Kentucky barn has killed thousands of animals including 3,000 quails.News outlets report the fire broke out at Bonzo Farm early Saturday morning.A press release from Greenup Volunteer Fire Department says multiple fire departments responded to the blaze, which involved several barns.Raceland Police say besides the quails, 1,000 chukars and 100 chickens were also killed in the blaze.The cause of the fire is under investigation.

Time For A Flu Vaccine

Health officials are urging Kentuckians to get vaccinated against the flu.The Department for Public Health said in a statement last week that there had already been 154 lab-confirmed flu cases in the state.

Soldiers Return To KY

Soldiers from the 101st Airborne Division are returning to Kentucky this week after nine months in Iraq.Fort Campbell says the soldiers from the 1st Brigade Combat Team are scheduled to return Monday, when a welcome home ceremony will be held.The Army post is located on the Kentucky-Tennessee border.

Pumpkin Season Is Nearly Here

People at Eckert’s farm continued on with fall festivities this weekend despite the summer-like heat.The general manager of Eckert’s Farm said the apples are thriving in the heat as well.”Apples actually love this type of weather. It makes them sweeter and the varieties do come on a little faster than normal because it is hotter but we have great juicy sweet apples right now,” said General Manager Megan Fields.While the apple fest ends Sunday, their pumpkin season starts on October 1st.

Research Grant For City Of Prestonsburg

The City of Prestonsburg in Floyd County was selected to receive a $185,000 grant to study and develop the Levisa and Russell Forks River as a Blue Water Trail.Officials said this river ties multiple Eastern Kentucky cities together.”We’re talking about 100 miles from Elkhorn City to Louisa. That’s big,” said Les Stapleton Mayor of Prestonsburg.”We don’t really need a design. We don’t really need a plan. We just need to know where we can put them at,” Stapleton pointed out.From fishing to kayaking, the mayor says one of the most un-tapped tourism resources we have, is this river.

Jail Escapees

An official from the Kentucky River Regional Jail says two inmates escaped Saturday evening.The inmates are identified as Carl Engle and John Miller.This is the second time Engle escaped from police custody.In early September, Engle was at a local hosptial when he escaped.Officials say the inmates overpowered a deputy, stole a set of keys and escaped.There is no word on the direction the escaped inmates went, or if they should be considered dangerous.

Another Hepatitis A Case Reported in Pike County

Yet another case of hepatitis A was diagnosed in Pike County earlier this month.

The person who tested positive for the virus was an employee at a KFC restaurant in South Williamson.

According to an investigation by the Pike County Health Department, the risk of restaurant patrons becoming infected is very low.

KFC is now working with the Health Department to prevent any new cases.

Hepatitis A can take up to seven weeks to cause someone to fall ill from the virus. Hand washing, along with vaccination, will prevent the spread of the disease.

Public Health Advisories Issued for Algae Blooms in Ohio River

Kentucky’s Division of Water and Department for Public Health are issuing a public health advisory for harmful algal bloom along the Ohio River.The advisory is for people using the waters for recreation.

The advisory area is from the McAlpine Dam near Louisville to the Greenup Dam near Greenup in northeastern Kentucky. State officials also issued an advisory for Briggs Lake near Russellville.

The advisory means algal toxins have been found at various locations along the water. Swimming, wading, and other water activities are not recommended during the advisory.

Feds Cite Mine Operator in May Death

A federal report says failure to control parts of a Kentucky coal mine led to the death of a miner crushed by a 2,000-pound piece of rock and coal.

A U.S. Mine Safety and Health Administration report says 48-year-old Felix “Matt” North received serious lower body injuries May 22 when the slab fell and pinned him to the floor of Rex Coal Co. mine at Cumberland. He died May 30 at a hospital.

Officials say North was operating a machine when a rib wall collapsed. The report says the mine operator “did not effectively control” ribs and pillar corners of the mine.