Funding Increase For Some Kentucky Schools

Kentucky state colleges and universities will ask for their first funding increase since the 2007-08 budget, lawmakers were told.Aaron Thompson, president of the Kentucky Council on Postsecondary Education, said public colleges will seek a 6.2% increase next fiscal year and an 8.8% increase in the 2022 fiscal year over current base funding levels. Current funding for higher education institutions is $862.9 million, and the request would increase the figure to $913.3 million in 2021 and $935.8 million in 2022.Kentucky has cut higher education funding in each two-year budget since 2008, while colleges and universities have increased tuition rates to replace lost funding.

School Still Closed In Clay County

Schools across Southern and Eastern Kentucky are not in session as kids are sick and attendance rates are dropping.Clay County Schools are not in session for the second four-day weekend in a row.Classes in Clay County are expected to resume on Monday.

KY Transportation Cabinet Offers Scholarships

College students pursuing civil engineering and engineering technology degrees can apply for scholarships offered by the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet.The cabinet will award up to 30 new scholarships for the 2020-2021 school year to prospective and current college students, the agency said in a news release.Students focusing on a four-year degree at the University of Kentucky, University of Louisville, Western Kentucky University or Kentucky State University can apply for a scholarship that is awarded to 10 to 20 new students and can be worth up to $51,000, ranging from $6,200 to $6,600 per semester.

Recovery Center Planned For Pikeville

The city of Pikeville is pushing back after the announcement that an addiction recovery center is coming to town.A town hall meeting was held at the Appalachian Wireless Arena Thursday night.”I understand their concerns. I’m not here to try to cause any kind of controversy. I certainly understand their fears and their concerns in Cedar Creek,” says Edgewater Recovery CEO John David Elam.Edgewater Recovery is looking into putting a treatment center in the Cedar Creek area on Kati Street. Cedar Creek residents are concerned about safety in the area.

Real ID Regional Offices Opening

Regional offices will open in Somerset and Paducah to help Kentuckians obtain new Real ID licenses that comply with federal requirements by October 1st, Gov. Andy Beshear said Wednesday.The governor also announced that Sarah Jackson will serve as the new Real ID project manager as the state faces a deadline to upgrade the security of driver’s licenses. Jackson previously served as assistant attorney general and general counsel for Kentucky’s Cabinet for Workforce Development.

Helping The Unborn

A bill that would require doctors and other health workers to provide life-saving care for an infant born alive after a failed abortion attempt was approved by a Kentucky Senate panel Thursday.The measure sailed through the Senate Veterans, Military Affairs and Public Protection Committee without any opposition. No one spoke against the bill during the meeting.The bill now heads to the Republican-dominated Senate.

Change In The Voter ID Law

A Republican-led Senate panel on Wednesday loosened a bill requiring voters to produce a photo ID by adding other acceptable forms of identification. The proposal now heads to the full Senate.Under the revised version, people lacking photo IDs could present other forms of identification – debit or credit cards or Social Security cards – and still be allowed to vote. They would have to affirm in writing that they’re qualified to vote at that polling place.

A New Airport Moving Forward In Letcher County

A purchase of about 600 acres of land is a big step toward Letcher County getting a new airport.“Our biggest challenge has been getting our property, getting ownership of our property, and an environmental impact study done,” said Chairman of Letcher County’s Airport Board Joe DePriest.Local officials hope it will help the economy in Letcher County, by allowing businesses to easily access the area.“People that make decisions on hiring people, jobs, new companies, don’t really like driving three and four hours to get to a place,” said DePriest.

Finding The Next KY Education Commissioner

Kentucky education officials are encouraging residents and stakeholders to participate in a survey on the qualities that the state’s next education commissioner should possess.The survey opened this week and will be available through Feb. 6, the Kentucky Board of Education said in a statement. It takes about five minutes to complete, officials said.

Suspended Mine Licenses

Kentucky suspended mine licenses at coal operations in Perry and Pike Counties.The Kentucky Division of Mine Safety said some American Resources Corporation employees still have not been paid. Some of those miners in Pike County blocked a train last week in protest.The Lexington Herald-Leader reviewed court records and found that ARC has faced several legal battles over its alleged failure to make good on lease payments. The report also showed that ARC left a mine in Perry County at risk of flooding after it laid off nearly its entire workforce and failed to pay the mine’s power bill.